Winter Bar – Ordina Innovation Fair

6 november 2014 - 17:00 tot 22:30
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Objects are getting smarter and can do more and more.
Technology and man are coming closer together, a phenomenon known as the humanisation of IT.
These times are characterised by smart watches, drones, virtual reality spectacles and much more technology.
Innovative developments are happening lightning-fast.
Do you already have an idea of what all this technology could mean?

Ordina’s Winter Bar on 6 November will be a hands-on INNOVATION FAIR.
An inspiring event to get ideas for innovative applications, so that you can experience the benefits of this modern technology.

This revolution may also have repercussions for you.

Be inspired by Ordina's INNOVATION FAIR, be ready for the future!


We are looking forward to meeting you!

PS Don’t hesitate to forward this invitation to your colleagues.