I had the opportunity to start working for Ordina 8 months ago and yes this is really a badass company. Why?

  • Adventure@Ordina
  • 25 april 2015

In my opinion Ordina is the new generation IT Company. Be yourself, have fun, learn a lot of cool stuff and do nice activities organized by Ordinezen. What do you want more? Awesome colleagues are already in the package when you start at Ordina.

They also give you the opportunity to grow in technical and soft skills. Now why am I telling you all this? Because this all has an influence on you personally.

Working in a positive and relax environment will result in better end-products and training will develop you into an even better skilled person.

My final solicitation interview was when Belgium played a football match in the world cup. This was my first interview with people sitting next to me with a pint of beer. It didn’t take long to decide that I wanted to work for Ordina. After signing my contract on a carpool parking, I was counting the days at my previous workplace to have a fresh start.

On day one I had personal support and coaching. After some learning on the bench they shipped me to a costumer in Antwerp. It turned out that there was sort of a “challenging” project going around with not a lot of progress. Well it was kind of a mess to be honest. But hey I saw a challenge. So I decided to put my attention to it to get this project back on track, with success. First I analyzed what the project was about and structured all the problems they had. When the project was pointing back into the right direction I had the opportunity to build all this new functionality. I could work with the latest technologies and I also had direct contact with the costumer. We had dialogues how we could make the best out of this project and which technologies should be used for specific solutions. This was not only a big value for my technical skills but also for so many soft skills.

The project is almost done and I’m proud that I took the challenge to lead this project into a success story.

In addition I signed myself up on something that is called CC. CC stands for Competence Center. Everyone who has a great idea can give a presentation to other employees to spread their knowledge. Ofcourse Ordina would not be Ordina if there weren't any delicious food and drinks at all the CC’s that are held. To be short it is a relax evening with colleagues with some nice food and also you will have learned something new. Sounds like a perfect combination.

This is what happened with me in a nutshell at Ordina. Unfortunately I could not write this article a little later. Because we are going to the Ardennes in June with the whole unit and yes there will doubtlessly liquify some unforgettable stories out of that experience.

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Dominick Swinnen is Microsoft Consultant bij Ordina. Hij werkte graag mee aan de promotie van de nieuwe Ordina wervingscampagne "Looking for Adventure". Ontdek andere getuigenissen en kom meer te weten over de Ordina avonturen via http://lookingforadventure.ordina.be