Kickstarter project 2016

  • Tim Verte
  • 24 november 2016

On August 1‘st it was D-day for all the kickstarters that had recently joined Ordina. A batch of talented new people were ready to embark on a new adventure. This year around fifty people joined Ordina and participated in the Kickstarter Project. The JWorks kickstarter group consisted of seven people, all of which were eager to get started. Six people joined the JWorks unit and one joined the Security unit. The purpose of the two month long kickstarter project is to broaden the knowledge of and prepare the kickstarters for their first project.

Read more on the Ordina JWorks tech blog.

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Tim Verte

Tim is a starting Java consultant at Ordina Belgium. He enjoys to discover new technologies and challenges. Besides his work he has a keen interest in everything that involves sports and music.