Ordina at the SQL Server Days 2015

SQL Server Days 2015 is rapidly approaching and VisionWorks will once again be attending in force. Not only can you stop by the VisionWorks boot or have a chat with one of our SQL Server / BI consultants but I’m also proud to announce that we are giving two very interesting sessions.

  • Dennis Herremans
  • 3 september 2015

Jan Van Humbeek and Stef Castelyns will be presenting Datazen - Microsoft’s new and shiny dashboard tool.
Attend their session if you want to discover what it has to offer and what kind of effort is needed to publish your very own dashboards.


Then we have Kimberly Hermans, one of our resident data scientist.
She will walk you through the world of a data scientist and show you how they use the Azure Machine Learning for advanced analytics.
Attend this session if you want to learn what data science means, where it differs from classic BI and why there is an increased need of for data science and capable data scientists.


With the release of SQL Server 2016, the new Datazen dashboard tool and data science gaining more and more traction in the market place, it’s no surprise that our speakers are thrilled to be there and share their knowledge, insights and opinions with you.

I hope to see you there…


Over de auteur:

Dennis Herremans

Als senior Data en BI architect helpt Dennis klanten met al hun data noden, vanaf de analyse tot het uittekenen en implementeren van de databanken, data warehouses, rapportering omgevingen en rapporten. Dennis is ook Competence leader, geeft af en toe opleidingen en fungeert als spreker op events en conferenties. In zijn blogs zal Dennis ons meenemen in zijn fascinatie voor data, SQL Server en Science and Sarcasm.