Big girl you are beautiful

Looking at our little children it’s easy to think that they remain little for a long time. Modern life style and busy routines make time go by faster than one can imagine and how quickly children grow older is unbelievable! Among other pleasures of life, to cherish the growth of our little ones, a good work-life balance is a must.

  • Osman Ali
  • 14 juli 2015


Young working parents are often faced with a challenge of finding sufficient amount of time to spend with their children, and worry about missing out on their early enjoyable years.
My daughter whom to me seems to be born yesterday is already crawling around discovering her surroundings. Looking back to the last year when she was born I recall every month to be exiting – observing and admiring how she achieved her little development milestones. At the same time, she brought extra responsibilities and demands on my time. Thanks to my well balanced work-life routine, I have never had any regrets of not being able to spend quality time with my children. To a large extent, the credit for this goes to Ordina where well defined projects with realistic targets facilitate in maintaining a healthy and conducive work environment.

While most consultancy firms give due attention to their employees’ professional needs, Ordina goes a step further by giving high consideration to the employees’ personal lives as well. Remembering to send greetings for birthday, New Year & Christmas, birth of a child and so on, is a norm at Ordina. These warm gestures among other positive aspects of our company culture keep us happy and engaged to create positive impacts for our clients.


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Osman Ali

Bedrijven die op grote schaal mensen en middelen inplannen, moeten bij Osman zijn. Hij is gespecialiseerd in het oplossen van planning-problemen, bijvoorbeeld in de logistieke en medische sector.