SQL Server Days 2014

The 2014 edition of the SQL Server Days are only days away and we provide two speakers.

  • Dennis Herremans
  • 25 september 2014

With the 2014 edition of the SQL Server Days only days away it’s time to put the Ordina presence at the event in the spotlight. Not only are a lot of our SQL Server consultants attending but we’re also providing two speakers. Now I happen to be one of these speakers, so it’s time for some self-promotion in the form of an extract for this fascinating session.

Datamodeling: Performant Patterns & Practices
Because of the wide set of capabilities that the Microsoft SQL Server stack offers, it is easy to get lost during architectural design and development.
This session takes you on a performance journey through conventional relational database management systems and advanced analytical models.
Explore these various techniques from the field, helping you optimize your data operations.
Follow them in action and see these patterns and practices behind the scene.


I’m confidence that I’ve peeked your interest and I hope to find you in our session.
Feel free to stop by at the Ordina booth as well.

Over de auteur:

Dennis Herremans

Als senior Data en BI architect helpt Dennis klanten met al hun data noden, vanaf de analyse tot het uittekenen en implementeren van de databanken, data warehouses, rapportering omgevingen en rapporten. Dennis is ook Competence leader, geeft af en toe opleidingen en fungeert als spreker op events en conferenties. In zijn blogs zal Dennis ons meenemen in zijn fascinatie voor data, SQL Server en Science and Sarcasm.