3 Winters 3 Springs 3 Summers 3

3rd of January 2011 was my first working day at Ordina. Looking back to the past 3 years, I share the pleasant experiences I had in the organization.

  • Osman Ali
  • 30 december 2013

I have contributed to more than half-a-dozen projects along with my team until now. Each projects brings its own challenges - such as - technical implementation of an advanced planning solution; gathering and analysing requirements; building up a new business solution to address the true business needs of a client; preparing clients for the 'solution go live' and so on. These challenging project needs motivate us to make best possible use of our skills and domain knowledge during the entire life cycle of a project. At the same time, experiences from each project enhances our expertise and prepares us for upcoming challenges.

Work at work without fun has never been the way of working at Ordina. I have enjoyed regular sport events and companywide social activities at Ordina. These activities ensured a pleasant and conducive work environment. Different themes - summer & winter bars, Ordina quiz, annual BBQ, family day and team weekends - all contributed to maintaining a good team spirit. It provided an opportunity to get to know my colleagues informally and to expand our relationship beyond the work relationship.

With start of 2014, my team and I remain ambitious to keep on providing empowering solutions that create business advantage for our clients. We are looking forward to working on challenging projects, and having great fun along the way.

Over de auteur:

Osman Ali

Bedrijven die op grote schaal mensen en middelen inplannen, moeten bij Osman zijn. Hij is gespecialiseerd in het oplossen van planning-problemen, bijvoorbeeld in de logistieke en medische sector.