Ordina's Casino Open Bar

20 April - 18:00 tot 23:00
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What’s more fun than an Ordina Open Bar? That’s right, a Casino Ordina Open Bar!

The 20th of April, we’re bringing a little Vegas fever to Mechelen. So be prepared to roll the dice, turn
the roulette and spend all that hard earned money! … just kidding, only fake money -which we provide- will be allowed.

Because gambling is well known to make you hungry, we’ll provide some food you won’t want to fold on. A
lso, because we like our Bobs and Bobettes, nice alcohol-free drinks will be provided in addition to the usual stuff.

Remember this is the ideal setting to bring a referral. Is one of your friends interested in working for Ordina?
Feel free to bring them, and maybe the saying “the casino always wins” won’t apply to you.
(For more info on referrals contact your BUM or RM)

We order games and catering based on how many people register. Please do so here!